Go paperless. The Form & Document Management CRM for all teams.

Never lose track of paperwork

Converting to a paperless office — the ultimate solution for small & medium-sized businesses.


All your contacts in one database.


Communication, tasks, forms and all paperwork paperlessly.


All forms and documents electronically. Includes routing & approval tracking.


Ok, you have data in the forms. How about making sense of the data or search by criteria you need?

Store Documents

And share with teammates and contacts. Separate File Cabinets for each staff and contact, in addition to company File Cabinet.

Power Search

Your documents in File Cabinet by custom fields and tags.

It's easier than you think.

We can help you digitize documents and forms, and transfer to an electronic filing system on Paperless Online.


Contacts can login to self-service portal and submit required forms and documents.


Store and easily retrieve all data, including forms, documents and files of your contacts.


Send and receive forms, documents and files from your contacts.


Forms can be electronically signed right from your email.

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per staff/month

30GB storage/staff

1000 contacts/staff

$25/month for every additional 1000 contacts

$3/month for additional 10GB storage

  • Self-service portal for contacts to submit forms and documents
  • Contact management
  • Document management
  • Forms with eSignature
  • Workflow automation
  • Live chat support